Discover the increadible story of a digital entrepreneur : 8 Million Mobile Games Downloaded

Discover the increadible story of a digital entrepreneur : 8 Million Mobile Games Downloaded

A fan of video games since a very young age, Stephane Portha has managed to climb the ladder of the world of web and video games with flying colors. Inspired by the famous game of the Pong era, he started to build himself his own game.

By playing regularly, while cultivating his passion through research, he managed to become a successful man in the field. By multiplying his experience, he is today one of the most successful Frenchmen in the digital world. With his own company today, he is leading an empire that has sold no less than 8 million mobile games, games that will remain in the annals.

A passion that grows with him

Discovering what job to do was obvious to him when he found out about his passion. To pursue his dreams in this path was unavoidable for him.

His success story began at the age of 14, when he began to cultivate a creative spirit. He created his own video game, which is called Tank. A first success that allowed him to climb the first steps of the professional world he has always dreamed of.

Spotted by the network Minitel, a collaboration quickly sprouted between the young Stephane ( and the only system diffusing information of the time: Minitel. All this was made possible thanks to his game. A game that for the time is a small masterpiece, including:

  • A multiplayer mode, which was rare for that moment,
  • Ideal for beginners in video games, very easy to handle and take in hand,
  • Especially entertaining, which made it a success.

A proven entrepreneur

Although he had found everything he had always dreamed of in Minitel, entrepreneurship sprouted in his mind and continued his momentum, he decided to start his own business.

Before that, however, he sought to inflate at best his CV but especially his skills. After Minitel, he went through several jobs before he could start his own business. In turn, he chained managerial jobs in the big names of the technological world in France.

Through these different positions he held, he acquired more creativity and became a real entrepreneur. In addition, to all the experience he had gained, the next step was easier to take.

He has thus concretized his projects and launched a company. No need to introduce this company as it is very well known in Europe. Named Eurocenter, success of this firm is especially marked by releasing a game called GraalOnline.

A name that the French digital world will never forget

Working hard, Eurocenter quickly became a reference in the world of video game creation throughout Europe. With this great evolution, Eurocenter transformed itself into Eurocenter Games.

A change that allowed Stephane Portha to reconnect with his first passion, video games. In order to find the best for his clients, he quickly created the Eurocenter Group. A company that has participated in the launch of the virtual world we know today. Among other things, he helped set up the first mobile games on the App Store.

Not forgetting his own company, Stephane Portha has updated its flagship mobile games, to the delight of the geeks of the time. Among the most successful games made by the company, we can name.

  • Graalonline Zone
  • Graalonline classical +
  • Graalonline zone +